Invoice Finance for the printing industry

How can I speed up my cash flow when my industry insists on offering 60 – 90 day terms?

Is there a way of only invoice financing only a select few customer accounts, the rest pay on time?

Invoice finance and the printing industry have worked closely for many years. Printing as a general industry means that it has become traditional to offer customers extended credit. As a result, it is common for businesses to wait 60 – 90 days for payment. A chosen few invoice finance houses have now specialised in this field offering a range of disclosed and confidential products.

In this sector machinery is becoming ever more expensive and can equate to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Over heads such as these coupled with late paying customers are often a business’s worst nightmare. In these instances, an invoice finance facility can be use to generate deposits, stabilise and regulate cash flow.

Factoring / invoice discounting will often grant businesses such as yours up to 95% of your outstanding / unpaid invoices. Thereafter you can expect the same advance each and every time you complete your job, with the balance of the invoice being paid back to you in full once paid.

JKB are specialists in factoring and invoice discounting products we have a range specifically designed products for your trade.

We can help:

• businesses with an annual turnover between £50,000 – 50M
• disclosed and confidential facilities
• Single debtor finance
• 30 day, 3 or 6 month short term contracts.
• Expert credit control or own collection services
• bad debt protection cover, indemnifying your business against bad debts

Regardless what you are looking for, if its printing related finance you want, we can source it.

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