Raising finance is about more than just funding

Timing, flexibility, ongoing relationships, business understanding and sheer determination to get finance in place all define whether a solution really works for you and your clients.

JKB is a firm of specialist brokers dealing in all aspects of invoice finance. Here at JKB, we have 30 years’ experience raising finance from invoices and assets. Much of our business comes through you, our clients and potential clients. We build relationships and develop real trust which results in more and more new introductions.

Why do I need an invoice finance broker?

Unfortunately, invoice finance is mostly an unregulated market and as a direct result, providers will often charge as much as they physically can.

Often it will take the presence of a broker or adviser for a client to be sure that their invoice finance provider is offering their most competitive price. More important is that the provider divulges disbursements (often hidden charges) and explains what supporting documentation will be required when invoices are passed for financing.

While most providers can offer a solution to cater for any sector, there are providers who specialise in different certain sectors such as recruitment and construction and therefore have more appropriate products.

Don’t forget, any decision you make now could have a big impact on your business for years to come. JKB will guide you through the whole invoice finance process from assessing your requirements, evaluating your firm’s suitability, selecting and negotiating with a suitable invoice finance provider and putting the whole process into jargon-free English!

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